Specialty Areas of Law for Lawyers Practicing in New Orleans, Louisiana

Loyola Law School is one of the few institutions in the United States that offers curricula in both civil and common law, giving students the option to practice law in Louisiana, across the country, or around the world. Four joint degree programs and seven certificates (starting in fall 2002) in specialized fields provide students with the knowledge and credentials they need to practice the type of law that interests them most. For those who cannot study law full time due to other commitments, Loyola offers part-time day and night programs. Lawyers have the opportunity to specialize in health law, environmental law, or immigration law, or to design an individualized curriculum under the guidance of Loyola's dedicated faculty.

Loyola has a rich tradition of training lawyers in both civil and common law, giving them greater flexibility when deciding where to practice. Non-lawyer professionals can also gain a fundamental understanding of highly regulated fields such as environmental and health law. The Advocacy Program is an important part of Loyola Jesuit education. In the first year, students research, write, and advocate for clients in mock cases.

During their third year, students work with real clients and judge real cases. Through courses and intramuscular and intercollegial mock court defense contests and trials, students develop persuasive oral defense skills and competent abstract writing abilities. Internships provide students with the opportunity to combine classroom learning with real legal practice. At the Law Clinic, students practice under the supervision of faculty in areas such as immigration, family, children's rights, criminal defense, labor justice, prosecution, technology and legal innovation, and community justice.

The Law School also offers seven (starting in fall 202) certificates to students who wish to develop specialized knowledge in a certain area of law. Students can get individualized attention through presentations, workshops, skills seminars, study groups, and individual tutorials. Loyola offers courses, conferences, workshops and individual tutoring for students and alumni to prepare them for any bar exam. Summer legal studies programs take students to Austria, Greece, Panama, and China to gain a more holistic appreciation and understanding of the law by immersing them in the legal systems and cultures of their host countries.

The Board may designate other organizations to certify attorneys as Louisiana board-certified attorneys in specialty areas. These entities accredit or approve the certification programs of other private organizations that certify specialist attorneys in their state. Lawyer Legion is the only directory of commercial attorneys that duly recognizes all ABA-accredited specialization programs to obtain national and state board certifications, including those granted by the Louisiana Board of Legal Specialization. The board's attorney certification program was created to help Louisiana consumers identify attorneys evaluated for their experience and competence in a specialized area of law.