Becoming a Lawyer in New Orleans, Louisiana: Qualifications and Requirements

Are you interested in becoming a lawyer in New Orleans, Louisiana? The Louisiana Supreme Court Lawyer Admissions Committee has established certain qualifications that must be met in order to practice law in the state. To become a lawyer in New Orleans, you must have a Doctorate in Law (J. D., Ph. D.) from an ABA-approved law school and complete 90 academic hours.

The full-time curriculum is divided into a six-semester period of resident study, which is the minimum term required to complete the program. It is not possible to expedite the program and finish it in two and a half years. The administration will schedule mandatory core courses for full-time first-year students, with 15 hours in the first semester and 14 hours in the second semester. Starting in the first year, students will be required to research, write, and advocate for clients as part of the Advocacy Program.

This will help them gain experience and develop their skills as they progress through their studies.