What are the Most Common Areas of Law Practiced by Lawyers in New Orleans, Louisiana?

Are you looking for a lawyer in New Orleans, Louisiana? With so many legal services available, it can be difficult to know which practice areas are most common in the area. Tolar Harrigan & Morris LLC and Leake and Andersson, LLP are two of the most established law firms in the city, offering a wide range of legal services. The most common areas of law practiced by lawyers in New Orleans include intellectual property, litigation, and employment law. Intellectual property law covers the protection of creative works such as inventions, designs, and trademarks.

Litigation is the process of resolving disputes through the court system. Employment law deals with issues such as discrimination, wages, and benefits. If you are facing a legal issue in any of these areas, it is important to seek out an experienced lawyer who can provide you with the best advice and representation. New Orleans Legal Assistance (an office of Southeastern Louisiana Legal Services) is a great resource for finding a lawyer who specializes in these areas.

They can be contacted at 50 529-1000. UpCounsel is another great option for finding a lawyer in New Orleans. They provide an online platform that connects businesses with experienced lawyers who specialize in various practice areas. This makes it easier to find the right lawyer for your needs in a short amount of time.