What is the Average Salary of a Lawyer in New Orleans, Louisiana?

Lawyers are renowned for their generous bonuses and 80% of employees have reported receiving at least one bonus in the last 12 months. Unfortunately, there is still a significant gender pay gap in many professions. This means that attorneys in New Orleans can expect to receive an average salary increase of around 8% every year. Prices in the New Orleans, Louisiana area have increased by 1.2% from the previous year. The average salary for a lawyer in New Orleans is around $165,900 annually, ranging from the lowest average salary of $78,200 to the highest average salary of $260,300.

This means that lawyers earn approximately 7% more than other professionals doing the same job. In New Orleans, a lawyer will earn an average of $184,700 while a lawyer will earn around $172,100. These salaries include benefits such as accommodation and transportation. The chart below shows the average annual wage increase percentages for each of the major industries in the United States. As for the average salary of lawyers in New Orleans, 25% of the population earns less than $114,900 while 75% earns more than $114,900.